Archive | November, 2007

A stranger has my heart.

6 Nov

Out of the darkness and into the light
You came out of no where, so unexpected, that night,
You stole my heart in an instance
Before I could have a say
Run away with my heart and left me
All within nights day

Was this wrong or right?
I couldn’t decide
My best friend no longer at my side
Was it all worth it for this feeling inside?
Was she just being selfish in her state of mind?
My head was confused and I didn’t know what to do
So I followed my heart and I pursue
This stranger of the night who stole my heart
I fled to his house in the hope id find
Answers to the questions within my mind
I took a risk to follow this stranger
Thinking back now I never thought I’d see him later
But he came to the door
With my heart in his hand
And he held it out tight
Didn’t let it fall like sand
He said he’d hold tight
And protect it with all his might
Carefully closing his fingers around the beating heart
That once belonged to me
Was now his,
For everyone to see
For I had fallen in love with a stranger
And I wasn’t afraid to say it on paper
With the circumstances against us
From the start
I never thought we’d end up at this part
For I am yours and you are mine
We have stood the test of time
Four months strong and we’re still here
My happiness is shown from this tear
That falls from my eye
For this is true happiness
And is no lie

I’m in love with a stranger
And I’m not afraid to say
A stranger has my heart
On this very day