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R.I.P My Love 2005.

7 Feb

Once upon a time there was a girl who had so much love in her heart,
She sparkled on the outside like a little twinkling star in the night sky,
But throughout her life people saw the light and wanted it for themselves,
They wanted to use up all her light..
And as they drained her of all her love..
Her light began to fade and her heart turned cold.

With no light, no love and a cold and broken heart
She felt so alone and isolated from the world..
Dragging behind her the many fallen tears she walked the Earth
In search of a love to restore her light,
And to mend her broken heart.
She searched far and wide
Until through the darkness she saw a twinkling light..

The ice ariound her heart warmed to the light,
She followed the light until her feet were sore,
But hope carried her forward,
Something she thought had been taken along with her love and her dignity.
When she reached the light her heart came alive,
It was that light that warmed her her and showed her the meaning of true love.

That light was the love that shone through your soul,
And it was that love that brightened up my world!
And whatever happens I’m just grateful to of seen that light.
You made my heart shine again and brought that twinkle to my eye.

Like a shooting star…you made my heart smile for that life long second,
You didn’t stop long enough for me to catch you,
But you stayed in my sky long enough to capture my heart,
And take it with you on your journeys through the sky,
Lighting up the darkness in the distance.