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LOVE-A prisoner to ones own disguise.

14 Apr

Through these holes I peer through onto the world, I see the world through two holes, circular, round, But the world seems so flat, so 2D As if I looked hard enough in a straight line I’d see the end. Maybe if I walked towards it I’d fall Fall, tumble and be free. No wind touches my cheeks just cold metal Like a frozen face remains still unmoving, unfeeling. A prisoner to ones own disguise. Hide without the seek, I am left never to be found For this mask conceals me. My fingertips keep touching, but no face lies there For all I can feel is metal, cold metal Feeling for an edge, a corner…nothing. Moulded to my face this mask remains. Like a triangle, no purpose..lines, corners Hidden, unseen, vanished, gone. Have I given in, has this mask hidden me.. forever? Became my identity? But it’s not me, I’m still here..hiding. BUT I AM HERE. I just can’t unmask myself, I’m scared… I’m scared to be seen.. to see..the real me.


Another NEW YouTube love…

13 Apr

I was doing my usual evening browsing on Youtube and came across this man: AMAZING beautiful voice accompanied by beautiful lyrics. Simply just perfect 🙂 For song skip to 30 seconds. His name is Airto..Enjoy.