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21 Mar

so someone died today, under a tube.

i hear you sigh, and roll your eyes

yet another who takes their life so selfishly?

but you’re wrong.

so quick to judge

it was an unwanted last song

he fell.

the screams as they tried to pull him to safety.

the wind began to howl

and the eyes of death soon approached

the screams

the grappling of clothes.

no strength would pull him from his unfortunate fate

14th March- a man died today, hit by a tube.

© Misseldr 2012




20 Mar

It feels like someone came in the night and stole my happiness

Someone came and stole the life that shone in my heart

I feel empty

I can’t even hear the sound of my heart

If it is even still in there

Just when I get excited about it

Just when I decided to start to tell everyone about it

My face began to glow, my skin glowed

I had never felt such true happiness

A pure happiness, right to the core

I wanted to share my happiness I wanted to tell the world

But I wanted to make sure

Make sure it was going to last this time

Right to the end.

Not like the last 2, over before they even really started

But I had hope

I had faith,

This was going to be different

This was going to be the one

But it was on that day I opened my mouth

To whisper the news

I had cursed myself once again…

If only I had waited a little longer

Or just not got so excited

Maybe this one would have lasted

Maybe this one would have been the one.

The news came and I knew all too well

It was over

It was done

The curse had one.

Maybe I just wasn’t meant to be

a mum…

© Misseldr 2012



14 Mar

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago.

once a heart beated
never to know it was deceited.
once a mind never knew lies
or bitter twisted tongue cries.
i knew you once, once a lifetime ago,
once a future seemed so clear
with an unborn child, possibly near
once words seemed to set in stone
with no thoughts of doing this, alone.

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago,
once a life seemed so complete
with an unexpected hand meet
once a song sound so sweet
now wishing we skipped our greet.

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago.

© Misseldr 2012


14 Mar

i’m on this train. and it’s moving. but i’m not. i’m still. motionless. i’m dreaming with my eyes open again. i almost forget where i am. i jump out of my day dream and back on the train. i hope no one saw my dream. i hope no one heard my thoughts. as they are mine. they are the only things that are mine and mine alone. but what were these thoughts? as now the memory of my dream was lost and i was just sitting waiting for my stop.


© Misseldr 2012




14 Mar

it was just me

it had been just me for some time now
i did things the way i wanted
when i wanted
i didn’t need to think about anyone else
i forgot what it meant to feel
i forgot what if felt to miss
to genuinely miss someone.
i forgot what the power of someone else’s happiness
your life
felt like.
i forgot what it felt like to hold someone’s hand
the feel of another’s lips pressed against mine
i had forgotten it all

                                                                                                               and it was no longer just me.
© Misseldr 2012