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14 Mar

i’m on this train. and it’s moving. but i’m not. i’m still. motionless. i’m dreaming with my eyes open again. i almost forget where i am. i jump out of my day dream and back on the train. i hope no one saw my dream. i hope no one heard my thoughts. as they are mine. they are the only things that are mine and mine alone. but what were these thoughts? as now the memory of my dream was lost and i was just sitting waiting for my stop.


© Misseldr 2012





3 Mar

‘My memory has faded, these events with it, some of which I don’t even know if actually happened or were made up, put together dream sequences…’ – Misseldr

(another snippet from my story I am in the process of writing)


30 Jan

(A poem I wrote many years back after my ‘fairytale break up’.)

For i can no longer take inside

the feelings I’ve gained without you at my side

my heart no longer beats

and my body no longer feels

my head keeps turning over and over

the events that led us to these ordeals.

loosing you has numbed me

for i no longer feel

what do you expect from me?

I never stopped wanting, nor stopped loving

but the pain left me running

in the direction that you weren’t coming.

I ran and ran until i turnt to find

you wern’t following

and realised you were gone,

sat there crying thinking what had i done

i ran in the hope you’d follow

not to be left alone in sorrow.

so i ran back the other way

in the hope to find and say

you’re my everything and I’m sorry

but when i got back

I’d been gone too long and you’d

already moved on.

so i was left with my mistake in my hand

tears falling, for this was not what I’d planned.


28 Jan

I saw her today,

a face i hadn’t seen for a while,

she looked lost, full of confusion,

her beautiful eyes lacked their sparkle

and her face dressed in a smile

a lie even i could see

for through her eyes i saw her sadness

the shadow of loneliness lingered over.

Her mind wondering darkened allies.

For she was just a girl carrying a weight

a weight of pain of loves gone by.

A girl so misunderstood,

so mistakenly judged,

so unaware of her potential.

Such lonely eyes,

for all she wanted was to love.

I reached out my hand,

and in turn she reached out hers,

fingers touched, so cold,

my heart ached as i pulled back my hand in time with hers

as a tear fell from my eye in unison.

For it was just a reflection

created by the mirror that stood before me.