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PASSION- Jeremy Manongdo (acoustic YouTube artist)

17 Mar

I have been following Passion for several years now, he is an acoustic artist who started off as just a guy recording himself singing in his room. His music speaks of Love, Hope and Passion, he is a true inspiration and is exceptionally talented. His songs have helped me through the trials and tribulations this world has thrown at me.

I had the chance to see PASSION in concert on Sunday evening (14th March.) His performance was immense, I was extremely excited as this was the first time I had the opportunity to see him sing live and in such an intimate setting with only about 200 people.

I even had the opportunity to meet him after the show, get a signed CD and a photo. He is a great guy, who gives time to the people who admire him. He sings of his girlfriend over seas and the love he has for her. His strength and love gives me hope that love is still out there.

Below I have posted a few of his YouTube video clips, hopefully his voice will touch you the ways in which it has me.

my favourite of all his songs..

Check out his other YouTube videos on his YouTube channel: passionsf



30 Jan

its so sad  to think that there are some AMAZIN guys out there..they get their hearts broken byone girl an become dogs because of it,never fully letting in another one again..! Be careful whose heart you break ladies..they have hearts to,and guys..just because ‘she’  broke you..don’t think another can’t ‘make’ you ♥(love) again, you just have to give her the chance! Take a chance because you NEVER know how BEAUTIFUL something could turn out to be TWENTY 10!♥ -ELDR


25 Jan

Like a building after demolition, that heavy blow taken to the core,
But I do not look at these surrounding bricks and weep,

For I know what the future holds,

These crumbled and broken bricks will stand again,

The walls rebuilt

Stronger, brighter.- ELDR