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young love.

25 Apr

I want that pure love again

That love that knew of no doubts

No deceit or lies

That love that was true

That love that reached all limits and all boundaries

That love that went beyond the known and into the distance

That love that knew of no hurt or heartbreak

I want that pure love again

That love that trusted wholly

That young love

The love that only comes from the innocent

Like the love of a child

So beautiful and untainted

From a heart that has never known of pain

Where there are no walls or barriers

To break down or climb

It’s just a walk down that road

Into the unknown

I want that pure love again

No expectations

Where your feet are off the ground


I wonder if I will see you again one day…



20 Mar

It feels like someone came in the night and stole my happiness

Someone came and stole the life that shone in my heart

I feel empty

I can’t even hear the sound of my heart

If it is even still in there

Just when I get excited about it

Just when I decided to start to tell everyone about it

My face began to glow, my skin glowed

I had never felt such true happiness

A pure happiness, right to the core

I wanted to share my happiness I wanted to tell the world

But I wanted to make sure

Make sure it was going to last this time

Right to the end.

Not like the last 2, over before they even really started

But I had hope

I had faith,

This was going to be different

This was going to be the one

But it was on that day I opened my mouth

To whisper the news

I had cursed myself once again…

If only I had waited a little longer

Or just not got so excited

Maybe this one would have lasted

Maybe this one would have been the one.

The news came and I knew all too well

It was over

It was done

The curse had one.

Maybe I just wasn’t meant to be

a mum…

© Misseldr 2012



14 Mar

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago.

once a heart beated
never to know it was deceited.
once a mind never knew lies
or bitter twisted tongue cries.
i knew you once, once a lifetime ago,
once a future seemed so clear
with an unborn child, possibly near
once words seemed to set in stone
with no thoughts of doing this, alone.

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago,
once a life seemed so complete
with an unexpected hand meet
once a song sound so sweet
now wishing we skipped our greet.

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago.

© Misseldr 2012

My 2011

7 Dec

My 2011

LOVE-A prisoner to ones own disguise.

14 Apr

Through these holes I peer through onto the world, I see the world through two holes, circular, round, But the world seems so flat, so 2D As if I looked hard enough in a straight line I’d see the end. Maybe if I walked towards it I’d fall Fall, tumble and be free. No wind touches my cheeks just cold metal Like a frozen smile..my face remains still unmoving, unfeeling. A prisoner to ones own disguise. Hide without the seek, I am left never to be found For this mask conceals me. My fingertips keep touching, but no face lies there For all I can feel is metal, cold metal Feeling for an edge, a corner…nothing. Moulded to my face this mask remains. Like a triangle, no purpose..lines, corners Hidden, unseen, vanished, gone. Have I given in, has this mask hidden me.. forever? Became my identity? But it’s not me, I’m still here..hiding. BUT I AM HERE. I just can’t unmask myself, I’m scared… I’m scared to feel..to be seen.. to see..the real me.