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9 Mar

Hours roll into days, days into weeks

half standing still, half still moving,

with no words to speak,

paint stained images pass my lids

stinging, burning, blurring.

You’re fading again,

my memory won’t hold you for more than a few seconds.

My eyes begin to water as I know that’s all

all my memory can give,

all it can squeeze out.

Each time a little less detailed.

Soon enough you’ll just be a shadowed figure,

the outline to a once filled shape.

© Misseldr 2011



3 Feb

I saw them today

as I looked down from my window

on to the street beneath

I saw them.

Holding hands so happy in love

A tinge of green rage flooded

my veins.

I close my eyes

and when I reopened them

it was my hand he was holding

it was me he was holding

it was me he was loving

it was his heart that loved only me.

I turned and I looked up

to that window above

I saw a girl

so full of sadness

so lonely

with a longing to feel love,

and a loathing to fill my shoes,

to feel his touch once again,

for him to love her and not me.

I saw them today

as I looked down from my window

on to the street beneath me

I saw them






28 Jan

I saw her today,

a face i hadn’t seen for a while,

she looked lost, full of confusion,

her beautiful eyes lacked their sparkle

and her face dressed in a smile

a lie even i could see

for through her eyes i saw her sadness

the shadow of loneliness lingered over.

Her mind wondering darkened allies.

For she was just a girl carrying a weight

a weight of pain of loves gone by.

A girl so misunderstood,

so mistakenly judged,

so unaware of her potential.

Such lonely eyes,

for all she wanted was to love.

I reached out my hand,

and in turn she reached out hers,

fingers touched, so cold,

my heart ached as i pulled back my hand in time with hers

as a tear fell from my eye in unison.

For it was just a reflection

created by the mirror that stood before me.


12 Oct

Our technology filled world is a cold place,
Hugs replaced with icons,
Kisses replaced with the letter ‘x’
Even physical contact has been replaced with facebook pokes.

‘i love you’ : the words seem stuck to the page, unmoving, distant and untouching.

‘I LOVE YOU’ you shout with th ecaps lock on, but still no feeling,
Just lines forming shapes known to us as words.

Feelings and emotions expressed by the pressing of buttons, the touching of keys, of individual letters strung together,
But each letter seems to hold no connection to its neighboring letters,
Stood next to one another in silence like soldiers waiting for battle,
Touching, but not feeling.

I miss you, the world before technology.
When words were beautifully joined to one another through the ink of a pen,
I miss when words had meaning, and didn’t lay flat on a page.
The sentiment of a thought out hand writen love letter,
An unexpected visit, encounter.

I love you words, spoken words with feeling.
The beauty of emotion in ones voice, in ones handwriting,
The beauty of seeing the words twist and curl from their lips into your ears.

You’re lost,
Body language so hard to read after technology has began to press and attempt to remould our minds,
A laugh replaced with an ‘LOL’
The beauty of a sigh blocked and surrounded by **
Leaving only our imagination to create the missing sound in our minds.

I love your voice, your body, your words,
Come back to me,

I miss you

*sigh* x