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15 Jan

They lay so heavy on my mind
Those words spoken in rage
They lay so heavy on my mind
Like weighted dreams, running
So heavy on my mind.




21 Mar

so someone died today, under a tube.

i hear you sigh, and roll your eyes

yet another who takes their life so selfishly?

but you’re wrong.

so quick to judge

it was an unwanted last song

he fell.

the screams as they tried to pull him to safety.

the wind began to howl

and the eyes of death soon approached

the screams

the grappling of clothes.

no strength would pull him from his unfortunate fate

14th March- a man died today, hit by a tube.

© Misseldr 2012



14 Mar

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago.

once a heart beated
never to know it was deceited.
once a mind never knew lies
or bitter twisted tongue cries.
i knew you once, once a lifetime ago,
once a future seemed so clear
with an unborn child, possibly near
once words seemed to set in stone
with no thoughts of doing this, alone.

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago,
once a life seemed so complete
with an unexpected hand meet
once a song sound so sweet
now wishing we skipped our greet.

i knew you once, once a lifetime ago.

© Misseldr 2012

LOVE-A prisoner to ones own disguise.

14 Apr

Through these holes I peer through onto the world, I see the world through two holes, circular, round, But the world seems so flat, so 2D As if I looked hard enough in a straight line I’d see the end. Maybe if I walked towards it I’d fall Fall, tumble and be free. No wind touches my cheeks just cold metal Like a frozen smile..my face remains still unmoving, unfeeling. A prisoner to ones own disguise. Hide without the seek, I am left never to be found For this mask conceals me. My fingertips keep touching, but no face lies there For all I can feel is metal, cold metal Feeling for an edge, a corner…nothing. Moulded to my face this mask remains. Like a triangle, no purpose..lines, corners Hidden, unseen, vanished, gone. Have I given in, has this mask hidden me.. forever? Became my identity? But it’s not me, I’m still here..hiding. BUT I AM HERE. I just can’t unmask myself, I’m scared… I’m scared to feel..to be seen.. to see..the real me.