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10 Sep

My Travel Blog

To all my lovely followers on this blog… i am travelling the world for a year and have created a new blog to document my adventures..come and have a look 🙂


blurred pages.

20 Aug

I need to get it out, it’s boiling up, spilling over the edges. I need to get it out.
Trying to keep it down, trying to keep it hidden but it’s starting to ache, it’s starting to show.

I need to get it out.

My mind is caged but she is rattling the bars, she won’t stay there for long, she wants out. She wants to be free, free to run wild through the fields of my conscience. She wants out and so do I.

To be free.

It’s like the pages of my book are being turned too quickly. Too fast for me to even feel the edges of the pages as they turn, to take in the musty smell of fresh ink. I want them to slow down, slow down so i can take in every word, every line. They’re turning too quickly and before i know it they’ll be gone.


16 Apr

My head feels a little heavy today and I would rather be in that park, sitting in silence, with just my thoughts, and the wind tickling my skin…and perhaps a few blank pages and a pen to write what is swirling around my head at the moment. The mind is a crazy place sometimes, filled with lots of rooms, stairs and sometimes trap doors. I feel like I’m sitting beneath a trap door at the moment in hiding, waiting for the storm to pass.


15 Jan

They lay so heavy on my mind
Those words spoken in rage
They lay so heavy on my mind
Like weighted dreams, running
So heavy on my mind.



14 Jan

So you said it in vain.

You said it because you were angry.

Did it make you feel better?

Those bitter words that left your tongue.

Words that can never now be undone.

Did it make you feel better?

That pain that travelled to my heart

Like a knife fired in the dark

Did it make you feel better?

Selfishly said..



I hope you feel better.


Don’t forget…

11 Jan



Let’s get lost together <3

11 Jan



Feeling a little.. not quite here this morning….

10 Jan


This morning I heard someone whisper my name as I was approaching the end of my dream, that moment when you’re almost at the end of the tunnel and can feel the real world starting to take hold. I answered yes…just as softly as they had called my name…only to open my eyes and realise I was laying in my bed…
in the dark..



9 Jan


Image 9 Jan